Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A very merry undead birthday to me...


AKA what I REALLLLLLLLY hope my brother gets me for my birthday! Guess when this bad boy gets released?August 27th BABY ! MY BIRTHDAY! I have the collectors version of season 2 and this would give me warm fuzzies! I even heard you can add water to the tank! EEEKKKK! My heart does flip flops when I think about it! And have you seen the new comic con trailer for season 4? OMG! OMG! OMG! October needs to get here already! If you haven't seen it view it here.

Spoiler question if you haven't seen season 3....I  noticed the Guvnor was missing from the trailer...are we going to get to find out what happened to him?  Now that I have gotten past July I need something to look forward too...that's for a future post.

I also try to collect the toys figurines and while I usually do the tv show ones I love, love ,love this comic book one of Penny.
Yes,  I am that nerd.  Proof ...I usually only buy the graphic novels as they are released but I saw these at the comic book store and I had to have them!

Side note my second favorite tv show now has a comic...THE X-Files! Again heart doing flip flops. I am turning into a Sheldon. Tuesdays are going to become new comic book day.

Now my brother younger brother needs to return my comics soon so I can re read them from start to finish!

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