Friday, June 8, 2012

Country folk

I am telling you that trip to Mimaw's was a treasure trove for pictures! This layout is all of my Mimaw  from childhood to probably mid 20s.

I  ran out of my bigger letters to do country so had to stick with the same ones so I may need to rectify that.

There is even a picture of my German , yup you read that right German, great great grandfather. It all makes sense to me now. Why I feel I was meant to be European. Apparently his family had immigrated to Mexico and was living near our ancestors, Then they had to go back for some reason and left my GG grandfather with them. My aunt has memories of his blonde hair and blue eyes. But I digress.
the rest of the photos are all of my Mimaw except the last 2 where she has my aunt and dad in pictures with her. She's such a beauty. 

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