Sunday, May 20, 2012

I am broken

Well my absence has not been in vain. I had knee surgery on Friday. It went well but there was much more damage then we all expected. Your knee is supposed to be smooth and mine looked like a treadmill tracker, so I am laid up in bed with my legs all wrapped up in my TED wrappings.

Sexy, no? This milkshake will bring all the boys to the yard LOL. I also have a sinus infection and I am the world's worst patient. I have no patience for my body to heal. I want to be up and doing normal everyday stuff. However, the bestest has threatened to bungee cord me to my bed if I go that route so I sit in bed. I am hoping to use this time to catch up on my blogging and commenting because I have been horrible at that lately. And I do have some new stuff to share. SO bare with me and I will get everyone all caught up.

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