Friday, April 20, 2012

Trekkin along

On Sunday of our BBF weekend, we headed out to Northwest Trek. It's like a zoo dedicated to the animals of the northwest. First thing we did when we got there was have an outdoor lunch. It was such a beautiful weather this weekend. I am glad we took advantage of it. Anyway we had a couple of fearless animals join us for lunch. This squirrel came up to us for some fries we threw dropped. It was hilarious to watch him because he was darting in and out of trashcans and tables. 

  Love this picture of Lukie...I can just hear the HEY AUNT CWISTINA! Or the NO AUNT CWISTINA!

Riding the tram ...

On the tram we saw a lot of different animals but 2 of our favorites were the bison and the huge moose taller then my husband! 
The big cats are always a big favorite with my girls...


WOLVVVEEERRRRINNNEEEE! ( if you grew up in the late 80s you totally get that reference)

That's some big bear paws..


One of the teaching exhibit animals was a porcupine which we caught on our way out at the end of the day. Hard to believe that they are just so darn cute! 

Well that was a fun trip one that I know my husband will want to do. I can't believe I got so blessed with a family that loves zoos , aquariums, and  nature as much as I do! I can't wait to show the hubs.
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