Saturday, April 14, 2012

Soft as a cloud

Here it is,the latest project idea via Pintrest and the bestest. She wanted pillow beds for her kids when they traveled from here to Texas. Something comfortable for the kids to sleep on when they are at someone's house. So here you have it the pillow beds...

This is the top of the pillow bed for Lucas (mind you I am using flat standard pillows and not the full new queen pillows that Cynthia bought.) Plus Kaiser's lazy butt on his bed LOL

Here's the back side where you can see this is obviously made for bigger fluffier pillows...  

Here's what it's going to look all folded up....again with flat pillows. The newer ones will be way poofier.

and here is baby girls....un stuffed just flat.

And they seem to love them so score one for Auntie Christina!

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