Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Museum of glass

One of the things I have wanted to see since arriving in Tacoma was the museum of glass. I don't know why it sounded so fascinating to me but I knew getting my family to go was going to be a chore. Thank goodness my bestest loves glass so I went with her. I wasn't at all disappointed.

This is one of the sculptures you see in front of the museum. I thought it was cool ...steam rising up from the pool.  Very unique.

This is the other sculpture in the pool. Not quite sure what it is supposed to represent but still cool plus you can see the bridge over the bay and the Tacoma dome.

You can not take pictures of the displays inside so that was a bit disappointing , but outside connecting you to the art museum they have a bridge of glass..this is part of the wall....

notice the silver cone thing? It's called the hot spot and you can sit in there and watch them make things. That was amazing.  I could have watched for hours but not feasible with a toddler.

Here are my 2 favorite vases in that case...

Another part of the bridge is enclosed and this was the ceiling....

As the sun decided to come out this made for an awesome picture of the rock candy sculptures. Well that's what hubby calls them anyway.

These were what was being made in the hot spot that day...
I really wanted to get one. At $250 bucks a pop, though, I decided a picture was probably the best thing I was going to get to buying one.

So when we arrived at the museum we noticed this sign by the pool.
We thought it was the funniest thing ever. We made jokes about being electrocuted  and the guards laughing  at the security cameras for people brave enough to see if it would shock you. That was until Lucas dropped his toy in there...

Needless, to say he was not happy and mom had to go get another bug eye from the gift shop. As you can see he really liked the green one!


We had spent the whole week together and this is the first photo we took together sad isn't it?


Guess that's what happens when you are having so much fun and taking pictures of cool awesome things that you just kinda forget to throw yourself in there! Love that lady so much glad we remembered this one!

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