Friday, June 17, 2011

Doing a quick check in

The whole driving across half the country thing has been an experience. I am learning that even LISTENING to the Simpson makes me want to fall asleep and that for some reason when your kids leave the house they called home they get rather testy. I have tried explaining that it isn't hard on just them but pre teen/ teen agnst is hard to get through to.
So far we have stopped in my Anton Tx to see my Mimaw, Albuquerque, NM to see my dearest friend Mat whom its been 13 years since I have seen, up to Fort Carson , CO to see a friend I haven't seen in 6 years and currently we are residing at my brothers house in Denver. We have had some interesting stops though and as soon as I can find my camera in the lost pit that is my van I will post some. I can not wait to share them. For now I must run we are off to visit the Denver aquarium today.

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