Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Moody Blues

Sorry folks I have had a sick kid and husband for 3 days now. My allergies are in gear big time so I have been stuck inside so I am feeling very vitamin D deficient . Funny how 20 min outside a day even in cold weather can lift the spirits. If it wasn't on the news that it would be best for allergy sufferers to just stay inside I would be on my balcony just taking in the sun. {GRUMBLE GRUMBLE} No, really I am not in a bad mood just a blah one. SO where did I leave off? Oh yes Michelle's album ...
One of our more creative stints where the girls made their own flip flops. See just the bright colors cheer me up! I can't wait till the wee one is feeling better and allergy stuff goes away...I may even go out an rake the yard!
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