Thursday, December 16, 2010

Just when I think I have a grip

something happens and I lose control. I asked the dear hubs Monday to call his branch manager to see if he knew anything about our next duty station. Hubs had told me he was never in his office and I just really wanted him to try. Turns out he had the wrong number. We got told because my oldest is on the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) our choices of duty station are limited. If we get her removed a whole bunch of things opens up.

  1. We have removed our daughter from EFMP no less then 3 times.
  2. We found out that this could be the reason Chris has not been looked at for promotion.
While looking over the paper work they handed us to get filled out I notice that Michelle is spelled Mitchelle! HMMMMM could this be the reason we still have a Child on EFMP even though we have taken care of it? How has no one caught this because all dependents have a prefix number. Your child's number is their birth order number. How can I have 2 children with the same prefix? I did not give birth to twins at the exact same moment.
Now hubs is training on nights right now so my days have been filled with running all over post TRYING to get this taken care of because if we get it done by Dec. 31st we get better duty station options. If not we are slotted to stay here. We were also told it takes 4 - 6 weeks to get this removed.....great so unless we put a rush on the paper work we are staying here. The only good thing about that is

  1. its cleared off hubs ERB just in time for the promotion board.
  2. well I don't have to pack .
I just hope when the school finally gets us the paperwork back, we can go in the EFMP office and say ohh by the way we don't have a Mitchelle and they say what the heck and just remove it. But then again it's the army, and nothing can ever be that easy.

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