Sunday, November 14, 2010

52 Blessings - 43- 46

I haven't disappeared. I have just had major family drama with the new sister -in-law and then illnesses. I have also been concentrating on Christmas. I am happy to say Christmas shopping is almost DONE! That is blessing 43 LOL
I have also been getting a chance to hone in on my photography skills because I have been taking pics for my friend and her kids for the events in their lives. Blessing 44 a renewed love of using my camera. I have missed it. Now I just need to find a way to make her kiddos comfortable in front of the camera.
I have also been crafting. I have my Christmas cards done, I am officially caught up to 2010 in my all of my scrapbooks, and I have started yet another scarf. I have been busy LOL Blessing 45 though it does take away from my blogging time.
Actually it has been having friends over that does that because I think its rude to sit here on the computer while they are here but having friends again has done my heart good. Renewed spirit and faith on people is blessing 46. See I knew not everyone was a troll. I just have to search hard for the gems.

I am going to try my dangest to share everything that has been going on in my craft world, so the next few weeks my be all crafting and maybe not. Some of the pages I did I think I was just super tired and they are FUNKY! LOL Its me though and I am not changing them!
Have a super week and I hope to see you guys coming back around!

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