Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Purple Passion

I have the best pick this week for my share. Bridgett sent me a whole plethora of purple yumminess for my birthday. I was amazed at how much just kept coming out of that purse! That middle spool of ribbon is glittery cobwebs for Halloween, & my daughter ran out of the room with the skull embellishments! She adored them!
I love all handmade stuff so one of my favorite things is my knitted coasters. They are staying on my table! I also have to say you can never go wrong with bath and body stuff with me!
You just have to giggle at the ice cream cone cup and ice cream scoop because I can alomist hear Bridgett to have a birthday sundae with purple M&M's she sent me.
They are not in the picture because I had a friend here when the packages arrived and I wanted them all for me so I put them up LOL! I didn't wanna share my pretties! And the package of jolly ranchers but my husband took those. Said to tell you Bridgett he accepts that as his birthday present!
Ohh and your purse is a big hit I had 3 people say if I didn't want it (ya right) they would be happy to take it off my hands!
Thanks Bridgett you are one of the best friends a girl can have. I truly would be lost without you.

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