Thursday, August 19, 2010

Splashy fun

For Kyla's birthday celebration we headed down to San Antonio to go to Sea World. I have an aunt who lives down there and she had 2 of her grandkids with her. It was good to relax and have fun. Thursday when we went ,we met up with my aunt and uncle at the Guadalupe river and played in the water all day, had a picnic and Kyla had her birthday cake. Friday was the big day. Here are the highlights from Sea World.
Such cuties!

My Favorite animal on the planet! I just wanted to jump in and pllay.

Every time I see the sting rays my heart swells up. I love nature and all it has to offer but I think of Steve Irwin , the crocodile hunter, when I look at these beautiful creatures. He brought so much fun into learning and conservation. I miss his adventures.

Chris loves the shark tanks.

This is why I love my family. They were so fascinated to see the aquariums and different fish. They never rush and just love to do this kind of learning.

Auntie Diane and kids ready for a day at the park.

I was sad to learn trainers no longer get in the water with Shamu. The show was still fantastic, and we were in the splash zone so we got soaked!

Belugas are so cute!

Love my dolphins!

No this picture is not crooked these guys were diving off swings into the pool. It was wild!

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