Saturday, August 7, 2010

52 Blessings - 30 - 32

Blessing 30 for the week of July 25-the beauty that can come from rainy stormy weather. Which is why I love the rain so much. Without a lot of rain this would not have been possible. The Lord knows what he's doing!

Blessing 31 for the week of August 1- The end of another training session. It's not a deployment and is by far not as bad, but I feel like we never see hubby while he's working nights, It's only in passing! I am always thankful when it's over!

Blessing 32 for the week of August 8th- I believe its the small things we should be grateful for , and this week it is for the invention of Magic Jack. Through the beauty of this technology I am now able to pick up my phone and call a stateside number and talk to my friend Jeannie in ITALY! This is a blessing trust me on this!

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