Monday, June 21, 2010

Tuneful Tuesday

I have always struggled to be a "hip fashionista", even though I started trying in the 8th grade. With the exception of my Jr. year of high school. I didn't leave the house without being made up. I think my ex boyfriend had something to do with that though. Then he left to move to another state and I had a long period of confusion about where I fit in. I was still trying and dating a hip hop, boyband loving kinda guy. Then the grunge movement came out with Nirvana. I loved everything about it. The chaos, the clothes , the I don't care what you think of me attitude. I found my home. I found ME. Yes I started to dress a little odd and my music taste changed dramatically. I officially became weird. Needless to say I lost that boyfriend. I didn't care though. I don't cry when famous people die, but the day we lost Kurt Cobain my heart ripped wide open. ( ok I admit I cried when we lost Christpher Reeves too.) I will always thank Nirvana for starting a movement that let me be me. Sure I am still more comfortable in a elmo tee shirt , jeans , and a ponytail at my age but you know what? That's ok. I am just that weird mom who takes in all in stride.


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