Friday, June 4, 2010

FInish it Friday

It's the end of the school year and that has been keeping me busy the last couple days. That is a picture of Kyla and her dad at her completion ceremony. Come the end of August I will be the mom to 2 middle schoolers and a high school junior. It is hard to think I will no longer be part of a single classroom again.
Anyway I have also started a organizational project that is going to keep me busy as well. I am taking these

pouring through every single one and bookmarking the ideas, articles, layouts etc etc I like and scanning them into my computer. Then off to the recycling bin they go. I figured why keep an entire magazine when I can't remember whats in 3/4 of them. Plus when I need inspiration then all I will need to do is pull out a disc. It will also save my husband's poor back when we PCS again.

As for my Finish It Friday post here is another page down in Kyla's 07 album. I am on a roll!

This is her last game of her soccer season. She loved the games but not so much the training. My girls are not very sports inclined. Gotta love her effort though.
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