Friday, May 28, 2010

My Purple Passion

Last week I was amazed to find so many wonderful kitchens done in purple that I decided that I needed to scope out another room no one ever sees in purple...BATHROOMS! This one was a bit harder but I found some....

What grabbed me about this first one is the corner tub. I love baths and I can see me soaking in that tub, just in bliss.

Ok this one is a bit over the top even for me but the sheer size of it just amazes me. I love the wall color and mirror ....

and this shower! WOWZERS!
This is a designers sketch I found for a teen bathroom. Purple and Gold are Anton's school colors and it reminded me of home.
This is awesome, The wall color is a easy on the eye and I love clawfoot tubs.
Again clawfoot tub , but the tub is purple and again paired with gold. I like this better then the designers sketch because of the white walls.
My favorite one by matches my favorite kitchen from last week. Dark purple on the wall but the white makes it not overwhelming. LOVING IT!

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