Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

Nope I did not disappear. My life went nuts-o on me.
First, last week while trying to keep my dog from beheading a friend with his leash while we walked I stepped on the side of the sidewalk where there happened to be a hole. I heard a snap and I went down like a sack o' potatoes. YUP I messed up the same ankle I just got healed! The doctor even remarked on that! So once again I was told stay off it for a couple weeks. Now that's just funny because THIS week is spring break.

Well since Michelle's actual birthday was Monday we spent the day at the Dallas Zoo. (LOL yup see told you staying off my ankle was not an option)
It was much bigger then we thought and we had a ton of fun. We can not wait to head out to the dozens of places around here that will be day trips. There's an aquarium in Corpus Christi we are just dying to see.

Tuesday was a long day because Michelle's friend who went with us to the zoo was over all day and I didn't get a darn thing accomplished because they wanted to play board games all day LOL.

Yesterday was doggie doctor day and well we won't go into the bazillionth reason why I didn't want a dog ,but that was an all morning thing ,then came home to clean the house. Why is it when kids have a week off the house looks like a 7.9 earthquake went through it?

Today we will be working on Kyla's project of starting a scrapbook of Kaiser and hopefully I can get some of my own pages done. I have not scrapped in months and so starting up again will be interesting to say the least.

Tomorrow Chris is off so yard work is in order. I Love spring but the fall clean up I can do without. Who knows maybe we can go to the depot and get some flowers or something to chipper me up! I have a black thumb so I never get plants because I have a tendency to make them all die. My house will never be the pretty one with all the flowers.
Oh and I am stuck taking my daughter to the 9:30 release party of the NEW MOON DVD.
This should be interesting to say the least.

We may go this weekend to go see Alice in Wonderland. I have no desire really to see it but my family really wants too. I think I have just had enough of Johnny Depp in odd make up and costumes. Hopefully the cat will make it worth it.

Who else out there is on spring break? If you haven't had it yet what are your plans?

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