Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Party Time ,excellent !

Here is the second and probably final post for Michelle's Birthday because her Grandparents all sent their presents early and they were all here by Friday minus my mom's.

If you remember Michelle was going for a safari theme. Here is the dining room..

This is one of the projects I had going on the week before the party...

the letters are edged in stickles and cut out from safari pattern paper that I used to make the invites and another project I will show you in a second.

Here is the cake my daughter asked for, I wasn't happy with it but it is what she asked for and what she wanted me to use . She loved it and that was the important thing not my confidence because I know I could have done better.

Here is the other project I used the paper for I made 3 bowls like this to hold candy ...

...for the sweet treat table shown here.

My daughter in front of her cake...No idea what is up with that goofy expression.

She received this necklace from her sweetheart she has had since she was 3. He is big on giving her jewelery. LOL

She loves these books and I believe she most of them now..but I could be wrong.

So there you have it after a 1 am bedtime, a fight, all that candy, 7 pizzas, cake, a gallon of ice cream, 4 bags of trash, and a headache later I survived to have another sleep over for my younger daughter in a few months. LOL

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