Monday, March 29, 2010

I know what I like!

This weeks ...
question is ....
What are your thoughts on this year's Spring Trends?

I love ....

Natural nude lip look.
I have NEVER cared for the over painted look. I think the darkest color I ever wore is a pink.
I am Finally Trendy! Rock ON!

This is another spring trend I love geometric prints!

Liquid eyeliner
I have always loved this classic but have only recently been bold enough to try it. Now I wonder why I waited so long.

Things I don't like so much.....


JumpersDoes anyone else remember these as crotch biters for women when they were little?
Oh man I hated when mom brought these out. NEVER EVER AGAIN!

Well I may not be fashionable but I know what I like.

What are your favorite spring trends? Share em with the bloggy world by heading on over to
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