Sunday, March 28, 2010

52 blessings- 12 & 13

Man oh man am I ever behind here lately.

Once again I am a week behind on my Sunday blessings.

I have no excuse other then I have been enjoying time with my family.

So blessing 12 is Spring. It has been in the 70s here, plus breezy. We have been going on a lot of family walks and just enjoying the weather. The girls and I even got flowers to pot and try to grow.
Notice I said try I have a BLACK thumb. Plants fall in my shadow and wither. I tell you it's bad.
Blessing 13 is my friend Jeannie! I am so proud to call this woman my friend. She truly is the epitome of happiness and a truely awesome spirit. She recently came up with her own award and I was one of the recipients!

This happiness award will be given to five bloggers, every Sunday! Those five bloggers will then pass it on to five bloggers. This special award will be given to bloggers who truly have happiness in their hearts and pass that on to everyone they meet, and everywhere they go. They know that happiness is a choice, and always choose wisely. Always looking on the sunny-side of life, and keeping their sense of humor, these bloggers are a joy to read!!! So the Queen Bee says to BEE HAPPY!!!

So my five bloggers are:

Bridgett@ Hoosier Card Angel's Creations

Kathy @ Kraftin with Kathy

Denise @ Being Craft-de, that's me

Wendy @ Wendy's Crafty Times


a new bloggy friend jedi flame @ Scrappy Jedi . OMGoodness this woman gave my husabnd a laugh. He didn't think there was another female Star Wars geek out there who was semi normal. I love that she proved him wrong.

I hope you visit them and give them some love!


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