Monday, January 11, 2010

Tuneful Tuesday

I am not a heavy drinker by any means. Don't get me wrong I will drink, I just do it on occasion. There is however a side effect of this. I am a very opinionated person and I will tell you what I think. Some of my friends call me a pessismist, I say I am a realist. But sober I have tact. There is a filter in my brain that works to help me control what I have to say.
Not so when I drink. I am not a sloppy drunk, I just find I don't care. I know what I am doing and saying. I just don't CARE! NOPE NOPE NOPE!
One fine July afternoon my dear friend Cynthia and her husband invited people over for a BBQ. I guess it should be said that her husband and my husband worked in the same unit. SO we are over there and I find there was a guy that was invited that just grated my nerves. You know the guy, thinks he's so slick because he has THE car, wants you to know he is THE ladies man,however if you don't fit his image of a woman(IE size 2, hair and makeup perfectly in place) everything you say is stupid.
My husband outranked him , he knew my husband , so I ignored him. Played the good army wifey.
LOL out comes Mike's hard Lemonade , next thing I know I am telling this guy to shut the f$%^ UP!(Ok it should be said I rarely cuss. I had a neighbor that told me hearing me cuss was funny because I so rarely did it.) and what a moron he was.
Well I remember as the night was winding down and Cynthia was looking at me saying I like you drunk, not only are you funny, you have no inhibitions, I have never seen you tell anyone what an idiot they are.(ok I was dancing in the yard as she said this he he) and then this song came on!
This is now the best drinking song ever because Cynthia told me I was fun to be around drunk and that I need to be like that more often!
Cynthia I love you more then crafting!
This songs for you BABY! Now go break out the smirnoffs and mikes!

Wanna share a music memory with me? Well link it up and let's have a party!

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