Thursday, January 7, 2010

Finish it Friday

Finish it Fridays is the name I am giving my crafting posts.
Because if you know a crafter or are a crafter yourself you know the list of projects and things to do never ever end.
We are always trying to finish it.
So for my first Finish I am showing you a swing card I made for my dear friend Jeannie.
She is so sweet and is quite the little crafter herself.
Her birthday was Monday but I didn't get to mail her card until Thursday the 31st and with the holiday I decided not to post it until I knew she would probably have it.
So Jeannie if you haven't gotten it yet blame the mail system.
They are our last beef as crafters, trying to get things there on time and intact!
Anyway Check out her happy blog world here.
What it looks like in the front.

and when it swings open.
See Jeannie is the queen of her world and all her fun mail says
fun mail from Queenie Jeannie with a crown.
The image fit.
I truly hope you had an excellent birthday Jeannie.
I love ya loads!


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