Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dig deeper

This week I started to get back on track on my weight loss. I was doing so well when I started to seriously try to lose weight.

I am going to make a huge confession here. I started my weight loss at 213.5 pounds.

I hired a trainer, I started weight Watchers I got down to 188.

Then we moved ,working out took the back seat, eating healthy took a backseat.

The weight crept back up to 193.

Between finances and well just being lazy I am now back up to 210.

Why am I bringing this up?

As I sat and watched the Biggest Loser with my legs on fire , my heel throbbing, and my back in pain from working out, I started to wonder how far do they really push these people that first week.

I mean really it hurt to sit up my abs hurt so bad.

Maybe it helps to have Bob and Jillian yelling at you in real life, because their workout DVDs there is no yelling to get it in gear, in fact it makes me mad because they are so soft spoken in them. All the preaching they do to america and then they just sit there going you can do it.Irritating.

How in the world do they do it with 8 hours of working out? Sure the pay off is great, but how they can walk after all that will forever remain a mystery to me.

So back to why I tell you how much I weigh. I need to be held accountable for what I do. I need people yelling at me. Reminding me the payoff is worth the soreness and pain. I guess we will see what happens and I will share monthly updates with you on this. I just hope I can stay motivated and encouraged!


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