Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Didja know...

that the last 2 widly popular teen/preteen obsessions were written by a down on thier luck person and a housewife.

This came to mind while I watched New Moon while I made cards. I mean do we really use all of our potential?

I used to love to write. I started a fantasy story with a friend of mine years back. He had it in his geocities website. I didn't know it but ,you know, people liked it.

I wonder if I could get back into it. I would need to come up with an original idea and those brain cells haven't been used in years.

I think I need to go get some notebooks and pencils and see what I can do even if I am the only one who will read it.

I would also like to add if you saw my Monday posting about organizing, refreshing and cleaning well here is a great news flash.

I started going through my stuff and man after my last move we really did pare down stuff. I could hardly find anything to toss out. There was some yes , but not even a garbage bag full. This means I need to focus on actually getting the rubish out of my house. This means going through my sons closet which unfortunately has become our catch all for quick we need to get rid of it storage, and our storage closet. I mean the only reason it is so bad in there is I have stuff that I kept to give away to people. This means mailing huge boxes. So Ups will become my new friend. I know it will be worth it however when we move again and its gone from my area.

One goal almost done!


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