Saturday, January 16, 2010

52 blessings - 2 & 3

I know I missed last weeks Sunday blessing. I had it in draft with every intention of getting it done last Saturday, but then Michelle's friend stayed over Sat night and I am not kidding every computer in the house was in use by the kids until Sunday afternoon at 12 at which point I was doing laundry.
This week ,then, I will share 2 blessings.
Well if you read my post on Thursday you will know that I started my weight loss adventure and this truly was my Sunday blessing last week.I do not know what I would have done without the invention of this little pill that week.
Thank you Lord for the gift of Chemistry and medicine.

My 3rd blessing is
Not only does it help me focus my thoughts it also helped me get through a week for sore muscles.
This is my form of therapy.
Thank you Lord for the gift of relaxation for which without it we could never appreciate hard work!

I know these may seem trivial , but without the little things the big picture would pass us by.

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