Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wacky Wernstrum Holidays

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!
Normally Saturday is Orange You glad hosted by YaYa , but I was told to share pictures from yesterday {wink}
Here at the Wernstrum household we had a fun one starting Christmas Eve.
About 1 in the afternoon we ACTUALLY got snow flurries.
This started a round of excitement in the girls, of which hasn't been seen since we got a snow storm in El Paso in 2007!
If you look in the dark areas of the pictures you will see our small snow fall.

The girls weren't the only excited ones Kaiser had no idea what to make of the white wet stuff.
He had such a look of confusion on his face but he stayed out side for 2 hours trying to figure it out.

We wound up with less then an inch of snow but my girls found a way to make snow balls and a small snowman...

His name is Lumpy LOL. In their defense the girls had him rounded pretty good , but when I got up to take a picture Kyla dropped him!

Of course Christmas Eve is not complete without the making of the sweet sugar confections for Santa...
Which I found funny since my kids asked THE big question and the dad could not lie to them .
So who were we really making the cookies for HUH?

Christmas morning I had a bit of fun since I told the girls we could not open presents until everyone was up.
Needless to say they were as loud as they could be Christmas Morning.
I however kept pretending to fall back asleep...
I got ..Mom we're hungry
Mom the dog wants to play!
Mom it's snowing again!
Dragging my butt out of bed (hehe) I make my way downstairs and stop to clean up the kitchen (not really) started the oven for cinnamon rolls (that I actually did) and brushed my teeth.
Well It was worth dragging out the excitement because look proof even a teen can be excited enough not to mind his picture taken....

I didn't get many pictures in the flurry to get presents open but here is one i have of the girls together.

This one has a story behind it.....
Hubby has discovered a love for NCIS. For his birthday in August we got him the first 2 seasons
on dvd.
Since then we have only seen season 3 maybe twice.
He got Christmas money and started searching ,for 2 weeks we really could not find season 3 on dvd (thank goodness as it was under the tree). He dubbed it the NCIS conspiracy

Can you not hear the cries of YES !YES !YES ! when he opened this?
As for me I got the last season of Will & Grace, season 11 of ER, My coveted Ally Mcbeal set, Harajuku perfume, a sweater , Dan Browns latest book and Angels and Demons!
Pretty good Guys!

And as an added bonus Lumpy survived the melt and is living comfortably in my freezer.

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