Monday, December 21, 2009

Tuneful Tuesday!

Today's song is one in going with the season!
This song is extra special to me because many years back Chris started basic training in September.
They weren't sure if they were going to let new recruits go for the holiday season.
I was pregnant with Michelle ,working and missing him like crazy.
About 2 weeks before he was scheduled to take leave he called me and when I answered started singing to me. When he was done he
said the drill instructors decided they didn't want to baby sit on their leave so he was coming home!
Fast Forward to 2007 ,end of deployment number 2 and for weeks I get to hear him singing to me again.
This time though it was a matter of flight scheduling and favoritism as to who would come home on what flight and whether or not we got to have him back in time for Christmas he came home Dec. 4th!

Yup it is soooo much a favorite song of mine! And even though I love Michael Buble... I love to hear my husband singing it to me instead.

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