Friday, December 18, 2009

Orange you glad

And Now it's time for another Orange You glad Saturday hosted by none other then the fabulous YAYA!
In case you didn't already know this is where YaYa celebrates everything in her favorite color orange and invites us to share things in our own favorite colors.

To Join in on the fun just click on her button there.

In my own world everything is Purple even my Christmas tree...
I just love that tree skirt I got it 50% off at Hobby Lobby and it was exactly what I had been looking for to make my tree complete.

A close up of the ornaments on my tree. I love the shades of purple and the texture. Next year I hope to do it up some with ribbon instead of the snowflake garland.

I wish my presents looked like this as well....

maybe holding a set of these in one of them for me...

but alas only Martha Stewart can make me feel so... well, not put together. LOL

Of course Even my Christmas music is purple..
(9.99 @ Target and it had baby its cold outside on it!YEA)

And I will be listening to it Christmas Eve waiting for Santa
to fill my own personal little beauty of a stocking!
(Yup even the ice wreath is purple THANK YOU MARTHA!)

A better picture of the wreath! I absolutely love it!
All I need is purple hot chocolate and a purple blanket ...(can you believe I don't own one yet?)
and I will be in my own personal purple wonderland!
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