Friday, December 11, 2009

Orange you glad..

Today is another YaYa celebration of color. Her's is orange hense Orange you glad! So if you would like to play along click on the picture and please link up. She's one of the nicest, most real ladies I have gotten to know on the web.

So are you sick of drab weather? I am thinking of summer and going on a picnic with one of these beauties.

This is perfect for the little ballerinas in life.
If you have a more classic and refined taste How about a traditional
floral pattern?
I have always wanted a little curly redheaded girl...
Like in the chevy commercial where she is saying I'm a BIG girl!
Can you totally not envision her with this set and fig newton cookies?

I love this bubble teaset. Even the basket is purple.
so if you happen to be with me in my purple car this may very well what we will
have our snacks of M&M's and tea from HE HE
OK I am off to a Christmas party today. SO enjoy the weekend!

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