Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's an early Christmas gift...

for my girls. Meet Kaiser (rhymes with Geyser). He is a yorkie/cockapoo who is 11 months old. He will be 1 on Christmas Eve!
I have been promising my girls a dog forever and even though I didn't want a furbaby , my husband and kids have been all over me about this. And everyone knows I have been putting it off, well here's how it happened.
So Kyla went to sleep over at a friends house Saturday night because she is PCSing to Hawaii. Kyla came home saying Tai asked if we wanted Kaiser. I told hubby it was his call. I promised when we could afford everything for a dog we'd get one and you could tell he was thinking about it asking all these questions. Well I told him go ask the family and see the dog.
Well that face was the key to my undoing because my husband came home struggling saying its a scrappy dog and they leave this week, they will just give him to us.
Who can beat free right?
So now I have a doggie to keep me company during the day when everyone's gone. I am sure he will grow on me eventually.

And please if you are thinking about it pray for my husband and his family. He lost his Grandmother the day before Thanksgiving. He is still not over the shock so it has not hit us hard yet, but I am sure it will hit soon.
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