Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Inspiration Station

So as always I am having a conversation with my pal Bridgett.
She shows me this awesome link to someone's "inspiration station".
What is an Inspiration station ?
Well to quote Michelle Wooderson(whom Bridgett got the idea from)...
So what's an Inspiration Station, you ask? This is the space that I have created in my craft room that I place all supplies that currently inspire me. This time I chose Valentine themed goodies. I gather up all of my Valentine themed papers, stamps, embellishments, ribbons, etc and place them all in one little spot. It's easily seen so I have a visual reminder of what I want to use. I go through all my drawers and baskets and piles (ick, I hate piles) and pick out things that fit the theme. Then the great part is, I can then go *shopping* in my own craft room. My Inspiration Station looks like a little boutique shelf and I just head over there when I want to create a project. I have told ALL of my friends about this and they just love the idea. It really helps to get out those already purchased and probably much neglected supplies that you've stashed away. Plus it just looks cute!! So my wish for you this year is to get organized, get inspired and get to stampin' and creating!!
Now if you followed that link you saw pictures of her lovely area.
Mine looks nothing like it , but I tried.
I do not overly do Valentine's lovey dovey stuff so this area is small, but it serves a purpose.
I only have a few valentine colored flowers, but I really do like them.

My bucket holds all my small paper, stickers, and some stamps.

AHHH paint ..what would I do without thee?

Then on my wall I have packaged embellishments, and in that small red spice holder on the dry erase/ magnet board are some embellishments I got from swaps in the past.
(In case you are wondering that envelope has a calender on it,on which I write peoples birthdays. I have one for every month.)
I like the IDEA though of having what you need out and at your fingertips.
No digging through separate areas for what you thought you had, and easy to clean up when you are done.
So now that you have seen my inspiration station. How about visiting the lady who inspired me to create one?
Bridgett has created one as well and I love it. She has such cute holders and such.
Hopefully we have inspired you to create an inspiration station yourself .
We would love to see it if you do , so leave us a link in our comments.

PS I just noticed I am ending 2009 with my 400th post!
How awesome is that?

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