Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Scripture challenge week 46 - Path

Imagine you are in a park at night. Before you, you see 2 paths to your car. You know the paved path that everyone uses is well worn, you know it will get you to your car faster. BUT it is not lit. You know it is riddled with cracks and holes, lined with tall brush next to some woods, and very winding. You know that following that path you risk falling and getting hurt with no chance of help as it is very late.
The second path is dirt, well lit but hilly , a longer harder struggle to get to your car. You see that it is dotted with help phones along the way , far apart maybe but you know you can call for help should something happen and it would get there fast.
Which would you take?
It seems logical doesn't it? Yet in our struggles of life most people choose the pot hole ridden path because its easier. Walking the right path is never easy. We have to use those help phones called prayer to stay on the well lit path. We may look at that other path with longing ,wishing we had chose it, but the well lit path will take us to the desired destination (God) in one piece and in the intended shape we were meant to be.

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