Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Scripture challenge week 45 - Cross

Have you ever seen the movie Passion of Christ? It is a movie that brings me to tears to know and see in images the torture that Jesus endured for me willingly though he asked that the cup be passed from him, leaves me feeling small , undeserving and yet thankful.
He gave his life and washed away sin with his blood on the cross, upon his death the temple crumbled and the earth shook. He did that for EVERYONE so that in coming to God through him we can have everlasting life. What a gift!
Yet many refuse to believe, but that's okay. I will borrow a quote from an very unlikely source. Stephen King's The Stand. Nick tells an old woman he doesn't believe in God. Her reply is" That don't matter none , He believes in you."
And He does He gives you every chance to come to accept the gift of his son's death on the cross and be saved.
Have you accepted? I would love to hear your story's about how you came to accept God's gift if you'd like to share.
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