Friday, October 9, 2009

You, Me , WII

WOW what is it with my color selection lately? I am all over the spectrum. However when Ryan brought his Wii when he came to visit over the summer The girls instantly fell in love. Who knew Flinging rabbits by their tongues could be so fun? Or banging them on the head. I blame their dad, he's warped my angels.

Ohh and winner of the World card making day giveaway is ...(ohh when I copied and pasted the result it used the number 100, I honestly only used 7)

True Random Number Generator 2

Yaya said...

Ooooh! Great giveaway!

My fave Halloween memory? Has to be the time I was 19 and me and my college roomate and other friend decided to go trick or treating and got all costumed up and people were SO RUDE to us! I thought, hey, we dressed up!

Yaya I will get these out Weds,. at the latest. Congrats!

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