Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Not my normal Weds. Post

I know Weds. is normally my scripture page. But seriously I have done the study, just not my page and let me show you why.... My soon to be 10 year old (which is another thing keeping me busy getting ready for her birthday which is next Thursday) has taken to making jewelery(and guess who gets to help). She's still learning and still will make what she likes instead of symetrical sides but hey she knows what she likes right.

Then there's keeping them up with thier summer reading club from the library,

School shopping( isn't Michelle's backpack fabulous I love it so much I want one), keeping up with a bigger house then I am used to, and just general everyday stuff that takes three times longer with Hubby not doing gunnery (he's home everyday by 1) and the girls being home.

Plus This fabuloso gift card holder from Queenie Jeannie with a free bath and body works item GC inside. It says sorry I frogot because I won one a while back on her blog and life got in the way and it expired before she mailed she just sent me one.
Then I would love to share some new obsessions lately...I know these are random and often off the wall but I roll like that.. First UGLY DOLLS man oh man do I love these. I want them decorating my house (ok I will settle for my scraproom or bedroom),

Here is Bop'nBeep., Trunko ,Turny Burny, and OX My absolute favs out of the bunch.

Then there are these lovelys from Harajuku Lovers by Gwen Stefani. I know they were meant for a younger scene but these are just so cute I just had to share...

Aren't those shoes just beggin' to be bought? LOVE LOVE LOVE them. HMMM maybe I can wrangle hubby into buying me some love for my birthday?


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