Saturday, August 8, 2009

A bit late today...

and let me tell you but why......
See I started this page yesterday morning. I was almost done with it, I had everything laid out, Then we decided ohh lets go to the pool. 2 hours later we come home ,shower ,& I start to glue everything down.
Well My daughters watched a friends dog so as a reward they invited my oldest to go to dinner and a movie with them. Well for the life of me I don't know why they forget my youngest daughter, who by the way did most of the work in effort to convince me she is ready to have a dog of their own. So we tell her we will reward her ,off to dinner and putt putt (her choices of course). So home by 7 but then we get roped into playing board games. (See? SEE? this is how summer throws a wrench into my plans.)
So THIS morning i came downstairs to finish glueing and add the finishing stamp touches and now I can show you. Then what happens. I forget to set my custom white balance and my green looks grey. Plus my battery dies. I quit I tell you and you get the page in the way the picture was taken. Grey looking green paper and brown leaf ribbon that is really a rust...

SIGH ok off to do some more crafting since hubby has staff duty and I have no car today so nothing can interfer with crafting...other then the kids needing something every 10 min.
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