Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ok this happened so fast my head is spinning

OK so for a few months my husband and I have been wrestling back and forth about whether or not to move on post. Well we had a small finacial snafu and it would save us money if we did so hubby went and put our name on the waiting list at the end of April. It was a 60 day wait. Well our number kept getting lower and lower on the list and I was thinking wow we wanted to move to save the money on the hot summer electric bills. At this rate summer will be over, we like this house, so we may as well stick it out here.
So we decide not to move...till they call hubby on Monday. He was like let's see it before we make a final decision. OK so we go , but ohh they don't have a house for us quite yet but we had paper work that needed to be filled out at the main office before it went to the individual village offices. Ya makes no sense to me either but whatever. The lady behind the desk o OZ said we might have something at the end of the month. OK so hubby says let,s still just wait to see it. OK OK .
Later that afternoon like literally 2 hours( and phone calls to mom and dad about whether or not we can or can not go to Arkansas , but that is another story in and of itself) They call and tell us we can have you in a house by the weekend......UMMM WHAT?
Yes it may not be the area we told you but you can move in this weekend. Thank you ohh powerful wizard of Oz we really need this.
My heart is in my stomach praying this is the best decision for me and my family. I don't want to move , but it could be a blessing.
So just to let everyone know if my posts are sparatic , it's because we are moving and transfering our internet. I know as soon as we have keys my hubby and I will not be able to resist moving stuff in. Question is where we will start? So depending on what gets moved first will be the deciding factor on if I have craft stuff to share. So pardon my dust while I renovate! And please wish me all the lucj and send all the prayers you can about our decision. I think I will be struggling with this one for awhile!
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