Monday, May 18, 2009

StampTACular Tuesday.

I love trying to make new things and this was right up my alley. This weeks project is a nifty tea bag/ chocolate square holder. It was really easy and I think super cute. The front of my card is done with a retired GWP stamp, the flowers , and Trendy Greetings.On the inside I used the cha cha TAC paper pack and some Lil' Davis designs Silk flowers. Sorry I don't have any designer tea lying around the house to show you in there , but you get th eidea with my regular old tea bags. Right? That'll teach me and Bridgett to wait till the last min to come up with an idea. Speaking of Bridgett you know what to do head on over there and see how she made her holder. You know you wanna..{wink , wink}
Today was such a cool day. 75 tops, breezy, know perfect weather...perfect for sitting and creating right? Ya if I had adhesive to create and when we ran out to Walmart..closed due to a power outage. UGHH! I think the world is telling me there is nothing wrong with chillin with my kids watching movies.

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