Thursday, May 21, 2009

Alien Invasion

LOL I was refering to the headband the girls are wearing. What the heck were we thinking when we thought those things were the best kind of fashion in the 80's? I mean really? Anyway a layout for Michelle for our first ever trip to the circus. ( You miss a lot living overseas) And Michelle's fav animal is an elephant so when she saw she could actually ride one she was the happiest girl ...EVER! I am so glad we decide to take them ..we almost didn't. It would have been a shame to make baby girl miss out on that chance. LOL ohh and the grey flower is just a watermark I am playing with its not on the page.
2 more weeks of school and then its summer vaction. That came way to fast didn't it? I have been here for a year already? It seems like is some days and other days its lke wow a year already. Next thing you know it'll be time to get ready for Christmas! I know bite my tongue, but hey for us crafters we honestly have to start thinking along those lines. What's everyone making? Seriously, I want to know anything special?
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