Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Scripture Challenge 12- comfort

Where do you turn when you need a comforting hand when you are hurting? What about when someone you know and love is hurting? This is what made me want to use this verse on the page. Another soul bareing story ahead, but there is a point to it. I know I have mentioned before I have no real desire to make friends here at this new duty station. Sure I get lonely and yes there are times when I wish I had female partners to run off with on a fun trip, but after my last duty station I feel worn out with no more strength to deal with other people's neurosis and negative attitudes. My point... my heart is empty, people have used it up till I had no more to give. It is the same with comfort. If you can draw comfort from the Lord you will have it in abundance to give. You have to take comfort in Him even when the pain seems unbearable. He loves us, wants us to have faith in Him and even when we turn our backs to Him in anger He is still right there trying to give us his comfort.
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