Sunday, March 1, 2009


One thing marrying the military has taught me is to be independant. I love my husband with my whole heart I do. I love having him home. I love seeing his grumpy face as he takes his college courses. I depend on him without being overly dependant.

But understand this, his first duty station at the age of 25 newly married with an infant and four year old was a foreign country, Germany. His unit trained in the field 6 or more months out of the year, pre 9/11. He deployed from there to Iraq. I didn't live near family, I didn't get the pleasure of packing up to go home. The only breaks i got was when one of my friends would watch all the kids so the rest of us could catch a break. That wasn't often LOL.
We lived there for 7 years. I saw him less then half of that. We moved to the states and he was home more often ,being home on weekends and evenings if late sometimes, but it bothered me. I was so used to having him gone. I got used to him being home. He deploys again. We get used to him being gone...again.
We get a new duty station on his return. We move. He is home more then I have ever seen this man. Ok here it is a year later and still haven't quite adjusted to seeing him this much yet , but he left to go to school . What was the point to all this you ask?
Because as cruel as it seems to some people that I do this ,one of my fav things to do the first night he is gone anywhere is to stretch out in my cali king bed and to the tune of He's got the world in his hands. I sing I got the whole bed to myself. It makes the first night less lonely and more comfy. This is what I will be doing tonight. I love my independant dependance! Now in a few weeks come back and ask me if I am ready to have him home and I promise my answer will be a resounding YES!

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