Monday, March 30, 2009

StampTACular Tuesday

Today's tuesday theme is Easter. Right on time I need to start geting things ready for Easter baskets. So here is one little treat holder I made from using Dawn Griffiths tutorial here. I used the no bunny like you set. I added bubble gum but any long candy will do., my older daughter does not like twizzlers LOL! Head on over to Bridgett's blog and see what she came up with for Easter. The Yaya posted a vlog saying she constantly feels bored. She's busy she has a lot going on but is still feeling consistantly bored. So it presses me to ask ...doesn't everyone go through this? I mean I know as a stay at home mom with limited funds I am always going through the boredom spells. But what about others. Even if you lead an exciting life do you ever feel a pressing boredom? Call it morbid curiousity.
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