Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Break recap!

Well hello to all my loyal readers , all 11 of you , LOL. It has been a busy spring break so I thought I would give a recap! Friday we left to head out to Eden , TX to camp out at my friends family's front yard. We arrived late and went to bed early. I am no expert on camping but with a small heater who knew a tent could stay so warm!
Sat we awoke and took the kids to celebrate Michelle's and her youngest son's birthdays (We were driving home on Michelle's actual birthday and we wouldn't be there for her son's) We started out by going to Neon Jungle in San Angelo, which is a indoor glow in the dark mini golf course. That lasted all of 30 min as the kids just took off after they finished a hole. I guess they figured they didn't need to stay in the group and wait for everyone since no one was ahead of us. We then went to Mr. Gatti's , a more upscale chuck e. cheese and we ate pizza and played games untill about 5 pm . It was a success as the kids seemed to really enjoy themselves. Sun Morning when we awoke we gave Michelle the obligatory bithday spankings and she got her present from my friends family and we wound up hanging out there until like 1 pm all because of is a horse lead that is out on her family's property. The boys got this idea to hang themselves from the belt loop and walk each other around giving the effect of a carnival ride. So the kids spent the morning doing that just swinging from the horse lead. I told my friend I seriously hope she wasn't wanting grandkids. because check out the wedgie effect....

yes my girls actually did this I was astounded. I mean that just looks painful.
On our way home we stopped here at this awesome park, isn't pretty? its like wondering around in Ireland...who knew this part of Texas could be so pretty. We stayed there until 3 because as you can see my daughter was trying to fill a bottle up with shells from the creek which is actually part of the Colorado river.
Monday I got up and was getting ready to pack up and head to Oklahoma when I get a call that something happened to my uncle and that it probably wasn't a good idea to go up so I unpacked and did the grocery run and errands all day. Well I was still feeling really bad about not really doing something just for Michelle on her birthday so I took her to Outback and embarassed her...

That was her face when they brough her desert and sang Happy Birthday. She said she had a wonderful birthday. I still have mom guilt though.
Tues was Matt's birthday party (yes he was born on St. Patty's day ) So that's how we spent the day. Funny story on my acetate boxes though. I had them set up for the girls and when they awoke I said look a leprecaun left you a pot of gold. My ever observant Kyla said hmmm they must like scrapbooking too then. Guess she knew!
Weds we went back out to Mills Pond Park with the same friends because the kids were upset that they didn't get to spend a lot of time there on Sunday. We packed up a picnic and made the 2 hour drive there and stayed the entire day. I didn't take my camera that time but I wish I had because Kyla spent the day in that creek capturing minnows , putting them in a bottle and letting them go! She was so muddy and wet by the time we went home I doubt I will ever get those shorts clean. The boys were just happy to spend the day with the girls because even though we live somewhat close to them we hardly ever see them as thier parents got divorced when they left Germany so my friend is always busy working. She was on vacation this week so we just hung out with them letting the kids hang out.
Thursday was clothes shopping day. Now while that may sound exciting after a long exhausting week the last thing my girls wanted to do was go try on shorts and spring clothes. So after the battle to get into the car and go , we found everything we needed at penneys. They were having a sale they had some cute clothes in the girls sizes so it was a one store trip. I love days like that. But Michelle still had birthday money so we still hit up justice and had to go to barnes and noble.
Fri and this weekend is just cleaning house ,doing laundry , maybe heading out to see Race to Witch Mountain which was part of the plan for Michelle's birthday to begin with. And the kiddos are beggin me to go. After all that running this week I am looking forward to school monday and a week to try and catch up on some crafting.
I would also like to send sympathies and prayers to my friend Bridgett and family. She recently lost her uncle to cancer. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers!
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