Monday, December 1, 2008

Yup it's the first of December

I hope everyone had a great holiday. All full of food and fun. How about Black friday? Did you go? I didn't but we spent the weekend decorating the house and we are still working on the outside we need extention cords and the like. Who can believe Dec and all that goes with it is upon us already? My kids are excited to see the house all decorated and seem to be ready to go for the season. Michelle is just happy to be able to sing Christmas tunes without her sister yelling at her it isn't Christmas yet!!! Tomorrow I get to drive to Austin to take kiddo to the airport so he can go see how New York will affect his his health if they move there instead of Amsterdam. How lucky is he that he gets to travel so extensively at the age of 14? I haven't done anything crafty in the last few days so I have nothing new to share. It is just an ordinary day with not a lot going on. As soon as I get pics of the house all pretty I will share. Have a happy Monday and go get some Christmas shopping done.
merry christmas
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