Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The what I got for Christmas post

SORRY IT'S NOT MY FAULT! I BLAME ALL THE PEOPLE WHO MADE MY DESIRE TO READ THE TWILIGHT SERIES OVERWHELMING! LOL ...this is why I have not posted anything since Christmas. I was sucked in ,I have read all 4 books now and I am now again stuck with nothing to read till I get my other orders I got cheap in. Now I know everyone is just DYING to know what I think lol well it was a good read. I loved Jacob , he had me rolling. My husband thought I had lost it,and who he wound up imprinting with well all I can say is justice was served because we all know that that's not what Bella wanted. Now I have not seen the movie, but reading the book I can see why they chose who they did to play Edward. When you think about it from the age group for whom the books are written (pre teen , teen) .They were all younger when Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire came out and thats who was chosen to play Cedric Diggory one of the most popular and handsome guys in school. And I am sure more then plenty of them had a huge crush on him. Anyway I digress.

I knew what I was getting even though my husband had a list to chose from of stuff I wanted . I still somehow managed to do my own Christmas shopping. I knew everything I was getting and got a lot of great deals like the twilight series , I got all 4 hardback books for only 20 bucks!
I also received

from my kids: That 70s show seasons 7&8 (34 dollars for both buy one get one free at FYE)

From dad : A beautiful crystal sunflower, cd , an italian charm that says scrapbook diva on it, and the illustrated version of The Da Vinci code. (I have already read the book , but I love the photos of the things and places in the book)

MOM & father in law money no idea what to use that for yet

Mother in law a huge scrapbook set in a tote and lot of fun stuff to play with & a quesadilla maker

Santa got me a lovely outfit of a red sweater and new jeans (with the buy one get one free deal at lane bryant after thanksgiving and a gift cheque I got a 200 dollar outfit for 80 bucks , including the boots), and in my stocking I got the long awaited x-files movie, some fun scrap stuff and a box of peppermint Jr mints. OHH so yummy!

And for a late update yes I am feeling so much better and much like my old self again. I am ready to start picking up where I left off as soon as I get decorations put away and my son leaves (tomorrow Crying 1 I don't want him to go but when he's here he takes over every available space in my scrap room and I can't think in here.).
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