Sunday, October 12, 2008

SBS 24 Challenge and more sharing!

First I would like to say to my fellow sisters out there thanks for all the comments I know I have been bad about getting them up and published but I am trying so hard to churn out these cards! You know how it is when a project starts to consume your life right? {wink}

So first I would like to share the SBS group challenge with you. I needed a birthday card for a friend of mine who loves fall. Today's challenge was to make something fall/ harvest theme. Simple I know but she isn't one for frillies.

Here are few more craft fair cards I have done. Let me know what you think I am all about the feed back! And apparently all about baby cards. Must be that biological clock everyone refers to.
On a personal note for my family, and anyone else interested Michelle has decided at the age of 10 it is time to grow up. We have cleared her room of most toys and she is asking for clothes and video games for Christmas! She has asked to start shaving! I am not ready for this! NO NO NO! I mean I knew it was coming and would happen eventually but yikes! And poor Chris as a dad is going this can't be happening! So the preteens are going full steam ahead in this house with Kyla surely not far behind as she is just a year younger. What am I gonna do with all the toys when she decides to grow up? That girl is gonna have one empty room as she never throws anything away.
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