Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Anna Banana Creations design sketch #15

Wow ok seriously where is the week going? I have been not super busy but apparently busy enough to not notice it was Weds. already! {sigh}
So on to Anna's sketch ...isn't it cute?

Here's my take on it You can't tell to well in the pic because it has been overcast so bad here lately that the colors didn't come out well , but the yellow vellum has daisys and glitter on it! Too cute and I really need to start using the vellum I have stored up!

I am still working on cards for the craft fair in Nov. and I am almost done with those! I am hoping it goes well. I am so nervous.
Speaking of Nov it is going to be my uncles 50th birthday soon and the deal is everyone has to bring a unique martini glass for him. In Morales speak that means let's see who can out do everyone else LOL! So I am looking for interesting martini glasses that will be a hit. A link would be appreciated if you find one on the web! HEELLLLLLLLP!

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