Wednesday, August 20, 2008

S2l Challange and other challenge

First the stamp to lose challenge. I belong to a wonderful team over at and they issue weekly challenges and so I decided to join in and play. I chose to to a stamped image using brown and any other color. Here is the result!

This next one is for a challenge over at Deena's blog that stemmed from my friend Bridgett's blog. The circle is crazy. Anyway it was a challenge to make a card for someone in need and send it. The first is for a friend who was my next door neighbor at Ft. Bliss when we were there. She is having a hard time after our moving apart so I just wanted her to know I love her. It is made with SU set and everything nice and year round 2.

This next one means a lot to me. For those of you new to my blog my husband is in the military. The turquoise ribbon is the ribbon for PTSD (post traumatic stress syndrome) of which is the equivalent of shell shock the Vietnam vets experienced after coming home. There is minimal help for this and its hard for family members to cope. So I made this one for a friend whose husband is dealing with a severe form of this mental illness. I want her to know she is not alone. This is made with the Hope is... set from SU!

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