Monday, June 23, 2008

OH ya it's Monday

get woken up to the car won't start 6:00 am . WHAT? It's a new car what the heck? SO after 30 min of trying to get it to start and someone having to come and pic Chris up for work I hop on the internet.. lack of options at 6:30 you know. I read George Carlin has passed on. I loved George Carlin ... the truth in what he said and the genius way he put it. The voice of my beloved Filmore in Cars. Gone.... heart clenching sadness. Then Chris comes back home and luckily the car starts so I have to hurry and get clothes on minus shower and rush the car on to post so we can get a new battery luckily thats all it was. But then I get drug out greasy hair and all to go finish inprocessing . I guess I should be grateful that the battery died while chris was home and not while he is away for the 2 weeks he has to go to school. Small blessing. My kids are bored not from lack of options of things for them to do just they don't want to do them. I mean I used to love summer I could read all day every day if I wanted .I find it hard to believe these are my kids. They don't read. Now Kyla has gotten into painting she loves to get my acrylic paints I have for scrapbooking and paint , but she needs an easel! The floors of my rental house can not take that kind of abuse , not to mention my carpet, my walls, and her clothes. And i am sure you have seen them window markers. Kyla has many a master piece on my sliding glass doors. I need to buy stock in windex. Michelle well she's hitting preteen angst so the more you leave her alone with her game boy she's happy. So now to make them both mad and make them do their chores ,find some math sheets they can go work on so I can clean the house and make them read. Ohh and call the cable co. in El Paso because we got a bill for a month we didn't even live there. UGHHH. MONDAY, MONDAY!
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