Thursday, January 10, 2008

new year 2008

OK so we are one week into the New Year and my mind is racing so if i ramble I apologize in advance. So lets dive in... first news on the army life. We have unoffical orders so as with all things military it is subject to change but we are moving to Killeen Tx in June. So now I am racing with 6 months to declutter and get rid of things not needed for everyday exisistence (?).

Next on the trainer front, ya not going so well mostly my doing cuz let me tell you he worked my butt off today after not getting a chance to torture me for 2 weeks. I have got to start doing better on my eating habits. A friend and a trainer in the same gym wants to join weight watchers and invited me to go and see what its all about so I think I am gonna go. We will see.

Then there is work it is not 100% yet but I may wind up quitting not because I want to but one car , crazy army hours, and 2 kids and their schedule well it may be better to just not work. I don't like it but its the reality.

Speaking of kids for all those that have em is it normal to sit and think about how badly you might be screwing up thier lives? I know all you can do is support them but does that enable them to give up on everything too easily? Do you push em to continue? Do you bribe em? UGHHH I can not seem to grasp it!

I want to say thanks to my mom today because well she used to make some unique ,not bad just different, recipes and I had a craving for childhood breakfasts so my kids have taken to waking up and asking what weird thing we are having today.

on the creative front I am finally getting the urge to be crafty again so my first project is a recipe box. So if you have a favorite ( or a few) receipes you'd love to share, Please message me with your addy and how many recipe cards to send you. I would love to have differant things in my friends and families hand writing because in future generations its gonna matter. When my box is here and i put it together I will post pictures. I may even take a few requests if you guys like it I will even include my own recipe, no mom it will not be the red velvet cake one. speaking of mom I will be mailing you some recipe cards because I do want the red velvet cake , the autumn soup , and your steak salad recipe in you writing in the box.

Ok I think thats about it. Love to all!
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